Alpendurada Granite
Macroscopic Description
Two-mica medium grained grayish granite, width some megacrystals of feldspar.

District: Porto
Municipality: Marco de Canaveses
Parish: Alpendurada
Physic-mechanical properties of the granite

1. Compression breaking load 1643kg/cm2
2. Compression breaking load after freezing test 1788 kg/cm2
3. Bending Strength 221kg/cm2
4. Volumetric weight 2652kg/m3
5. Water absorption at normal atmospheric pressure 0.20%
6. Apparent porosity 0.55%
7. Thermal linear expansion coefficient (maximum value) 9.1x10-6/ºC
8. Amsler abrasion test 0.2 mm /200m
9. Impact test: minimum fall height 65cm
No colour or structural changes on the samples were noticed after the 25 cycles test of frost-defrost carried out.
Microscopic Features
Essential Minerals  
Microline ~32%
Plagioclase ~30%
Quartz ~23%
Muscovite + biotite ~14%
Accessory Minerals  
Apatite, zincon and opaque minerals ~1%
Microscopic Description
Granitic rock with granular hypidiomorphic texture, showing slight weathering of sericitic type.
Chemical Analysis

SiO2 71.75% Al2O3 14.30% Fe2O3(total) 2.26% MnO 0.03%
CaO 0.91% MgO 0.36% Na2O 3.53% K2O 5.07%
TiO2 0.19% P2O5 0.32% H2O+ 0.96% H2O- 0.11%
Prevailing Applications
All interior and exterior purposes
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